Within ten years everybody might have a 3D printer at home

3D printer from the American Army

Although this might sound a bit unlikely at the moment but there is a chance that everybody will have a 3D printer at home. The technology is developing rapidly and 3D printers are going to change entire industries.

Fortunately we are not the only ones who are convinced of 3D printing future. The American Army is also joining the 3D printing party and their researchers of the ‘Space and Missile Defense Command’ managed to create a 3D printer that is going to costs only around $695 compared to more than $3,000 for comparable systems. This 3D printer is made from easliy replicable parts and laser-cut wood to bring the cost down.

“We are honestly still working on calibrating and scaling production with our printer,” Berry said. “However, to date, we have modeled and manufactured custom sensor housings and custom casings for control boards and other exposed electronics. The machine also has the ability to replicate its own parts, so we’ve used it the generate spares for itself.”

Their goal is to speed up the 3D printing development and get the costs of the technology down so that every one can benefit of the use of 3D printing. Of course there are also huge advantages for the American Army. Now every part that, for example, has been broken and is needed to be replaced, the part is shipped all the way from America to Bagdad. With the use of 3D printer the part can now be created locally which will hugely improve the logistics and help to bring the costs down.

Is the Black op of the future, sending special forces to ‘steal’ the enemies’ 3D printer and Blueprints?

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