Staples Benelux to offer 3D printing service in stores


Staples, a major office supply retail chain, is going to put 3D printers in their Benelux stores. Together with Mcor technologies they have developed a service called ‘Staples Easy 3D’ and they are going to use the Mcor IRIS 3D printer.

The service is going to be operational as of next year and allows customer to upload and print their 3D designs. There is however no information yet about what the costs are and how much time it will take to print the designs. Ideally your design is 3D printed while you have a quick look at your office supply grocery list.

Staples and Mcor technologies see a huge potential in the 3D printing market but understand that the technology in this stage is too expensive for the consumer. This is the main reason Staples is now focussing on the service and facilitation of 3D printing. Basiscally the company is going to directly compete with Shapeways. The biggest difference is that Staples can offer 3D printing offline while Shapeways is only online.

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