Printing human tissue and organs


Imagine, walking into your closet to insert a new liver you printed overnight because yours wasn’t functioning optimal anymore. Your weekly body check showed your liver was slowing down, only functioning at 80% and that you should eat more broccoli. This could be reality in a medium near future.

The latest developments in 3d printing makes it possible to fabricate organs of you own tissue! This will eliminate the risk that the body could reject the received tissue and remove the the need to take preventive drugs for this reason.

I also believe human stem cells will be needed in order to produce or repair an organ or a wound as they can become every kind of cell in your body, these could be supported by the artificially cultured cells and form a whole together.

When will we have these devices in our homes? What do you think? 2025?

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  1. Marco

    Nice article! I think we’ll be printing 3d organs whenever amazon has them in their shop!

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