Nokia: 3D print your own Lumia 820 backside cover


Although the smartphone business is pretty much dominated by Apple and Samsung, Nokia is trying to gain on their competitors by all means necessary. In this particular case they are trying an old recipe.

Nokia 3D printed covers
Back in de days the scandinavian telephone maker was extremely popular thanks to the after market trade of backside covers for the Nokia telephones. You could easily change your phones look by changing the front or back cover. It seems that Nokia did not forget this success!

Of course, there are not many people in the world right now who have access to a 3D printer, but all this could change within a few years. Nokia is trying to be ahead of the crowd by releasing a 3D-printing Development Kit, or 3DK for short. If you are one the lucky few who actually own a 3D printer and if you happen to have a Nokia Lumia 820, you can now start designing and printing your own back cover.

Nokia sees the 3D printing technology as a potential live changing technology, something compared with the rise of mobile phones and the Internet.

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