Don’t get too excited, trolls want DRM on your 3D printer


Have you gotten excited about 3D printing? I am.

Imagine you just bought your very first 3d printer. Cool! Now, how will you get your new 3d printer to print the specific 3d object you had in mind? If you’re a (very) good photoshopper or designer you could make a 3d model of the object you want and 3d print it. As most people are not that good photoshoppers or 3d modelers, this could only be done by the very few. All other people, like me and you, still like to click ‘print’ and watch their 3d printer spit out a nice object. So you’ll need to get a prefab model! Oke lets Google one, hmm only crappy jars. Let’s go p2p!

This is the point where a bright mind thought history could repeat itself if nothing is done. Like when Napster started, mp3’s of your favorite artists could be downloaded in a click. This phenomenon could repeat itself  Nathan Myhrvold  former Microsoft CTO and current owner of Intellectual Ventures, a patent-hoarding company, thought. So mister Nathan Myhrvold now holds a patent that makes all kinds of 3d printers execute an online check before they can continue to print the 3d model. Not only does this force you to buy the model is also forces you to have an internet connection to be able to use your 3d printer. Thanks!

We could only guess if Mister Nathan Myhrvold is really that concerned about consumers infringing somebodies patent or if he is on a commercial gain..

For now, we don’t have to worry about this issue that much yet, as there is no law obliging 3d printer-manufacturers to embed this DRM technology in their printers. But someday the pressure of other companies may build-up and demand the embedding of this kind of DRM technology in the printers. So untill that day arrives, print your hart out!


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