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3D printed gun falls apart after firing 6 shots

The possibility of being able to 3D print your own gun and even being able to fire it is controversial and interesting to say

Patent lawsuit for Kickstarter and 3D printer maker Formlabs

Formlabs, who recently received more than $2,9 mln by crowd funding, received a patent lawsuit for possibly infringing  a 3D Systems patent relating to stereolithography. This is a

3D printed biobots versus nanobots

Recently published research, in Scientific Reports, states that 3D-printed biobots might float through our bodies in the near future, targeting tumors, releasing drugs, sensing and neutralizing toxins and acting

How does a 3D printer work?

Contrary to a 2D printer which only prints text or images on a piece of paper, 3D printers are filled with other substances than ink which

Protecting 3D printing models will become a huge legal problem

3D printing will absolutely bring us technological advance and increased comfort, but as with many advances also a bunch of legal difficulties tend to

Don’t get too excited, trolls want DRM on your 3D printer

Have you gotten excited about 3D printing? I am. Imagine you just bought your very first 3d printer. Cool! Now, how will you get your new

Printing human tissue and organs

Imagine, walking into your closet to insert a new liver you printed overnight because yours wasn’t functioning optimal anymore. Your weekly body check showed