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Nokia: 3D print your own Lumia 820 backside cover

Although the smartphone business is pretty much dominated by Apple and Samsung, Nokia is trying to gain on their competitors by all means necessary.

Staples Benelux to offer 3D printing service in stores

Staples, a major office supply retail chain, is going to put 3D printers in their Benelux stores. Together with Mcor technologies they have developed

Portabee is going after the consumer 3D printing market with their $500 3D Printer

The reality is that 3D printers are just too expensive at the moment to get the attention of the average consumer. However, we need

Virginia Tech has the world’s first 3D Printing vending machine

Awesome! Virginia Tech students  can now quickly fabricate prototypes for their academic, and even personal, design projects.  The DreamVendor is equipped with three 3D printers

Within ten years everybody might have a 3D printer at home

Although this might sound a bit unlikely at the moment but there is a chance that everybody will have a 3D printer at home.

Amazing use of 3D printing Lego onto a rock

There are almost unlimited options of using 3D printing and we are exploring them rapidly. One of the most amazing things we have seen

Your dentist might be using a 3D printer soon

Going to dentist is nobody’s favorite time spending but it might get a little bit more convenient in the nearby future thanks to 3D

How a 3D printer saved an obsolete Kickstarter iPhone dock project

Crowd funding, besides 3D printing of course, is one of those successful internet developments of last 2 years and many entrepreneurs were born using

A very nice example of 3D printing in your daily life

Every 3D printing enthousiast must recognize the following question. Yes, 3D printing sounds nice but how and when can I use it in my

Finally, we can 3D print unlimited supplies of bacon

Shapeways announced today that they are capable of 3D print unlimited slices of bacon. Dammit. They almost had us here for second. But bacon