Australian company claims first 3D printed reef


Ponoko claims that the Australian company Sustainable Oceans International has the first 3D printed reef. However there is also an Italian company called D-Shape that is doing this on the same scale. Heck, the even managed to print a whole house.

Watch the video about D-Shape here.

Demand on global fish stocks, pollution, increasing ocean acidification and climate change are all making their impact on ocean life and reef systems around the world. Notable in Australia, is that the Great Barrier Reef has already lost half of its coral. As reefs provide an important home for marine life in the world’s oceans there is an increasing awareness of the need to protect these unique systems.

Existing artificial reefs lack the imitation of natural reefs while the 3D printed reefs are much more like the natural ones and each model is unique. This is a very nice solution to the coral problem we are facing world wide. Researchers are optimistic about implementing this 3D printing technology. However it has not yet been tested on the long run to publish any results.

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