A 3D printed plane is making its air time


Two students at the University of Virginia 3D-printed and assembled a 3D printed plane. It also successfully took off, making it the third flying 3D printed plane today.

Jonathan Turman and Steven Easter, two third-year engineering students at University of Virginia for the MITRE Corporation, a federally funded research and development center, designed and assembled the plane last summer. The result is a 6.5-foot wingspan plane and entirely built with 3D-printed parts. Without the use of 3D printing technology it would have taken them over 5 years to developed and $250.000 of investment. Now they only spend $2.000 and less then four months to develop the plane and its parts. During tests the even managed to achieve a speed of 45 mph.

Take a look at this incredible cool device. I bet many of us 3D printed fans would like to get a hold of the blue prints to create this at home and take off. Read more details at UVA today.

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