Portabee is going after the consumer 3D printing market with their $500 3D Printer


The reality is that 3D printers are just too expensive at the moment to get the attention of the average consumer. However, we need to ask ourself if the average consumer even knows what 3D printing is but that’s a different story.

For example take a look at the recently launched Replicator 2, a very nice piece of 3D printer technology, but the price tag is an eye-popping $2200.  No average consumer is going to take a look at that machine. It’s good to see that Portabee managed to build a 3D printer that will set you back only $500 and it is portable too weighing only 6.2 pounds. To get the weight down Portabee decided to lose the outer casing protecting the electronica parts.

“We consider our machine the first ‘laptop’ of the 3D printer era,” Warner said.

The Portabee 3D Printer is opening new possibilities for the consumer market, and we can only hope that other 3D printers follow suit before long.



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